The Tailgate State Golf Tour is an amateur series of golf events that emphasizes competition, sportsmanship and camaraderie.  It traces its history back to the early months of 2007 when a select group of men decided that they needed to organize a system that would allow them to play golf, gamble and drink beer as many times as possible during the spring and summer months in Oregon.  Simply arranging for a tee time or two at the local golf course wouldn't suffice as the wagering was too erratic and their wives weren't pleased at the often last minute notice.  These revolutionaries had a vision of pre-scheduled golf outings that would enable all who desired to play an opportunity to test their abilities against the best that their friends - and the golf gods - had to offer. 

The first tournament took place in May 2007 and saw only twelve gentlemen put their balls into play but all who were present knew that something special had been created.  From its humble beginnings, the Tailgate State Golf Tour has risen to become one of the most elite and best organized social golf clubs on the west coast.  Players have traveled across the country to enter its prestigious events and the trophy awarded to each year's champion is a prize that marks the apex of the recipient's lifetime.