TGS Tour Membership

Membership in the Tailgate State Golf Tour carries many rights and privileges but it is not for everyone. Please read the information on the page thoroughly to decide if applying for membership status is the correct decision for you.


  Non-member Member
Annual membership fee $0 $60
Requires a USGA handicap index? No Yes
Eligible to play in regular season tournaments? Yes Yes
Eligible to win prizes in tournaments? Yes Yes
Guaranteed entry into the TGS championship? No Yes
Eligible to compete in the TGS championship? Yes Yes
Eligible to win the TGS trophy? No Yes
Pride and prestige among peers? Maybe Yes


How do I obtain a USGA handicap index?

Contact your local golf course to see if they offer annual GHIN (Golf Handicap Information Network) memberships. Fees vary by course but range from $35-75 and some will include the service if you buy a "frequent player" card.  Langdon Farms offers a stand-alone annual GHIN membership for $50. NW Golf Guys annual memberships cost $57 and include several 2-for-1 coupons at local courses.

What does the membership fee cover?

100% of our member fees are paid out as prize money based on the results of the season-long TGS Championship standings. Prizes are usually awarded to the top five finishers.

How many members are there?

We typically have 20-30 members in a normal year.

Can I decide to become a member after the season starts?

Yes, but you will only receive points for events played after your membership fee is paid. Points will not be awarded retroactively for tournaments you played in prior to becoming a member.

What is expected of TGS members?

The three tenets of TGS membership:

Is there a tournament dress code?

Clothes should have been laundered within the previous 30 days. Concert t-shirts must reflect tours either more than 10 years ago or within the previous two years. Two shoes usually required. Only one team sports logo per person, per day unless they are are variations of the same team or university. No cowboy boots allowed.

How do I request membership status?

  1. Send an email to to request membership
  2. Confirm that your USGA handicap is active and visible on
  3. Pay $60 entry fee via Venmo to: @Jeff-Albright-97223

Help, I can't decide! What should I do?